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Notepad++ was built as a Microsoft Windows application; the author considered, but rejected, the idea of using wxWidgets to port it to the Mac OS X and Unix platforms. Notepad is a basic text-editing program that enables computer users to create documents. Whereas, WordPad is a program that you can use to create documents such as letters, notes, etc. with better formatting features.

Because its color combination is just fabulous and strong. Unlike the three themes we suggest above, it has a strong text color combo which helps read codes effortlessly because the codes & text appear strong due to its strong color. Give it a try and we promise you won’t regret it. Dracula Notepad++ theme is the most popular dark theme currently available for free. It is developed by Dracula Themes contributors which are used by mass users of Notepad++. The theme has a dark background and a pink & green color combo for the codes & text.

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You can download Notepad APK downloadable file in your PC to install it on your PC Android emulator later. In July 2020, Notepad++ released a version codenamed "Stand with Hong Kong" (v7.8.9). In the release notice, the author expressed his concern on the Chinese government implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. From 2010 to 2015; since 2015, Notepad++ has been hosted on GitHub.

  • To extract your data from this app, you will have to extract the database file.
  • This includes a GUI version of Vim - with many features and OLE support - and all the runtime files.
  • It was firstly released in 1994 by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. for Windows Computers.

The obsidian community offers many themes, plugins, and toolkits. Neon is dark, high contrast, and bright color scheme for Notepad++. It was created by Peter Faria and offers a decent color combination that is attractive and easy to the eye.

I use it to edit Java code, Python Code XSLT, XML, and sometimes binary files. It can encode or decode base64 without using something else. The Format plugin provides the ability to add block-level text formatting to your document. It introduces the Paragraph Format toolbar button that applies these text formats.

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In addition, it requires a bit of technical knowledge in order to create LLMs, index, and a lot more. Here, make changes to this particular code only. Simply feed the information to the AI to assume that role. Now, move to the location where you saved the file (

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